We receive many grateful comments from people who have benefited from APR bursaries in order to go on retreat. Just a selection are given below:

I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to find space and stillness away from the “world” but still embedded in my local area. It’s given me much needed refreshment and solace at a difficult time. Thanks so much for making this possible! (KK, Royal Foundation of St Katharine, May 2022)


Thank you so much for part-funding my retreat from your NHS Bursary Fund. It was such a privilege to take time out for reflection, prayer and writing, from my job as a hospital chaplain in one of the poorest areas of Birmingham. Much of the last 20 months have been hellish – as our NHS Trust has experienced the most number of deaths due to Covid of anywhere in the country. Sitting with dying patients, separated from their loved ones who weren’t allowed into the hospital, and being alongside nursing and other clinical staff burning out and leaving their profession, had taken its toll on me.

My own journey of reflection and recovery has now started thanks to being able to get away and enjoy something of the peace, prayerfulness and space of Launde Abbey. And it also helped that I was there at the peak of Autumn in all its colourful glory! (Anon, Launde Abbey, Nov 2021)


Thank you so very much for making a much-needed time of solace and recovery a reality! … it was so good to rest and pray after a long period of multiple illnesses. May God truly bless the APR for its generosity and goodness shown to me. (Maggie, St Mary’s Monastery, Kinnoull, June 2021)

Our stay at St Katherine’s has been an absolute godsend. We have been given a safe haven and respite, and been shown such kindness. Please thank all the staff at the centre. We are very grateful for the help you have given us. It has been overwhelming, thank you. (Anon, Royal Foundation of St Katherine, London, March 2021)

Thank you for the generous bursary. I am a hospital chaplain, and my husband is unemployed as a consequence of Covid-19 cutbacks. We were able to spend time in a peaceful, prayerful environment, time to rest and recuperate and reflect on all that has happened – thank you! (Louise, Sheldon, November 2020)

Thank you so much for our precious time at Treargel. It has been such a gift to rest in the peace amidst the glorious surroundings of the Cornish countryside. Anon, Treargel, September 2020

What an amazing place, so peaceful and the views and walks are wonderful. Finding space to rest, recover, pray and read. Just what the doctor ordered! Will be back. – Ceri, Treargel Retreats, January 2019

I am short of words to express how blessed I was to visit St Katherine’s on Saturday- it’s truly an oasis full of living water! I have been longing for such a place as this for some time now and hope I will have a chance to visit you again in the future. – Szabina, Royal Foundation of St Katharine, September 2018

I didn’t want to leave … Thanks is such an inadequate word but you have it from the bottom of my heart. I’m not fully whole but ready to face the world again. – Eileen, Treargel, February 2019

Just wanted to say a big thank you for offering genuine kindness and warmth. And a safe nurturing environment to help me facilitate growth and healing from within. I will definitely be recommending it at the women’s group I attend as a place of transformative healing to transmute pain into power! – Phoenix, Treargel, January 2020

Pace was good. Meals, group meeting following by individual reflection time which allowed me in depth to explore what’s in my heart. – Anesu, Royal Foundation of St Katharine, July 2018

Thank you so much for the bursary that you recently gave my husband, Alan, and me.  It allowed us to participate in a very creative and restorative Poetry and Prayer Retreat at the Royal Foundation of St. Katharine’s.  Our time there was like the hobbits, after a very harrowing journey, visiting the peaceful, safe elves for a bit in Tolkein’s writings. Your generosity has helped us return refreshed to our work among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor in Kroo Bay Sierra Leone. – Cami (Missionary), Royal Foundation of St Katharines, November 2017

 After 32 years of non-stop cross-cultural ministry, this has been much needed and greatly appreciated, thank you. – Thomas, December 2018