Learning to Pray

This web-page from the Church of England website is a clear introduction to what prayer is, with a simple ‘check-list’ of practical advice on how to pray – such as where can I pray? Do I have to kneel? Do I need to use words? It also includes a simple introduction on how to pray using the fingers of the hand as a guide. An ideal web-page to direct people to as they develop their own relationships with God.

What is Prayer? How do you pray?

How do you begin to pray? What words should you use, if any? What might stimulate deeper prayer? How do you use the Bible to pray? These questions, and others, are addressed simply but meaningfully, in a series of downloadable colour leaflets produced by the Diocese of Portsmouth.

Exeter Cathedral has also published a straight-forward introduction to ‘what is prayer?‘, which leads into an informative web-page giving some advice about how you might begin, and sustain, your own prayer life.

Ten Ways of Praying

The Prayer Pack, developed by the Diocese of Rochester, is an engaging way of experiencing different ways of praying. There are leaflets on Intercessory Prayer, Centering Prayer, Silent prayer, multi-sensory prayer, prayer with music or the Bible, or using the senses… Each comes in downloadable A4 format, and gives some straight-forward practical advice, as well as some suggestions for further reading. Highly recommended!

Tool-Kit for Prayer

Developed by the Diocese of Portsmouth, this Tool-Kit is designed to provide a range of skills for engaging with prayer. It can be worked through individually, or can be easily turned into a short (Lent?) course for a small group. Starting with practical aspects of prayer (such as where and when to pray), it goes on to introduce a range of different ways of praying in a simple and accessible way. Clearly and colourfully produced, this makes an excellent introduction to the importance of variety and rhythm in our daily prayer.

Different Approaches to Prayer

For a comprehensive, but clearly laid-out, guide to a huge variety of different ways of praying, the Approaches to Prayer website is really useful. For use either individually, or as part of a group, all the resources are fully downloadable.

Contemplative Prayer

The Julian Meetings’ website has a wealth of resources to encourage, and help you engage in, Contemplative Prayer. Click here for a really informative and helpful introduction to how and why you might choose to pray in silence, or visit their online shop for a wealth of other meditative resources.

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a receptive method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, prayer in which we experience God’s presence within us. It emphasizes ‘prayer as a personal relationship with God and as a movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion with Christ’. This website gives lots of practical advice on how to start praying in this way, and how to grow deeper in your prayer life.

World Community of Christian Meditation

The website of the World Community of Christian Meditation (or WCCM) is full of simple practical wisdom to teach people about meditation. It has daily reflections, as well a wealth of resources to help you meditate.

Ideas for prayer

Sometimes it feel hard to know where to start with prayer, and equally hard to explain it to others. This resource from the Diocese of Portsmouth explores ‘how to pray’, by giving attention to each of the senses. It is accessible, and extremely helpful.