This new resource has been put together to help you, and/or your parish, deepen your Christian faith. Rather than reinventing the wheel (again!), many dioceses and other groups have already designed Leaflets, Courses and other Resources that might be just what you are looking for. The pages here provide links to previously published material that we think is worthy of a wider audience.

What is prayer, and how do you pray?

Prayer Resources

Spirituality Courses

Lent / Advent Courses

Retreat at Home

Exploring a Rule of Life

Spiritual Direction

Downloadable leaflets

Poems for a Pandemic

Other Courses

Please note that although we check all these links regularly, and were sufficiently impressed at the time of publication to include them here, things are always prone to change, and the APR claims no responsibility for any of their content.

If you would like to share your uploaded documents with a wider audience, please do email us at, and we will be happy to consider your request.