Drawing on the riches of the Christian spiritual tradition, this section of the website introduces some different spiritualities, both traditional and contemporary. These may be used as a tool to help you build your own ‘trellis’ of spirituality, in which to root yourself as a contemporary disciple in sometimes busy and mobile life circumstances.

Each resource can be used by individuals or groups, and most include questions to stimulate further reflection together with suggestions for further reading. Click on the titles below to find out more, and to download the articles (which all come in a downloadable and printable pdf format).

Traditional Christian Spiritualities

(includes essays on Benedictine Spirituality, The Celtic Spirit, St. Francis, New Monasticism, the Ignatian Examen …)

Living Practices

(includes a reflection on ‘A Sense of Self’, an introduction to the Examen, and contributions about living a Benedictine life-style in modern society)

Contemporary Role Models

(such as Etty Hillesum, Brother Roger of Taizé, Martin Buber, Thomas Merton…)

Please note that although each of these articles was commissioned by the Association for Promoting Retreats for this website, each remains the work of the individual author, and reflects the his or her views and opinions, for which the APR is not responsible. In some instances, however, we have included (and claimed responsibility for) additional questions for reflection / discussion.