In our centenary year in 2013, the APR Trustees launched the Bursary Fund to help and encourage more people to go on retreat, whatever their financial circumstances. Our hope is that retreat houses will promote the availability of the assistance, and that licensed ministers and others will also feel able to highlight the support to those considering making a retreat.

For details of how to apply to our Post-Covid ‘NHS Bursary’ Scheme (now available until June 2022), please click here.

If you would like to contribute to the NHS Bursary Fund, and help even more NHS- and Care-Workers go on a much-needed retreat this year, please follow this link to our online Donation Form.

We are always very grateful for donations to our regular Bursary Fund too, which supports around 25-30 retreatants each year. You can donate now via Paypal, using the ‘donate’ button on the left.

How the APR’s bursary scheme works

Any of our member retreat houses can apply, for up to 50% of the costs of an individual guest’s retreat (up to a maximum of £200 for any person in a year). The APR has not set specific ‘hardship’ criteria, believing that retreat houses will be best placed to know when individuals are in genuine need which might prevent them from participating in a quiet day or retreat. (However, due to the popularity of the scheme and in order to make sure that the maximum amount of people can benefit from it, individual retreatants may apply no more than once every other year.) Once applications are received from houses, APR trustees will make a decision within one week of receipt; if approved, payment will be arranged as soon as the house confirms that the beneficiary has arrived at or completed the retreat. Member Houses can make applications for up to three individual retreatants in any one financial year (1 April – 31 March). However, if they wish to make an additional donation to the Bursary Fund, the APR will consider more applications from that house (up to the value of their donation; for full terms and conditions please download and read our ‘Bursary Fund fact sheet‘).

We think that this route of practical support to help subsidise the cost of retreats or quiet days for those in financial need is a very fitting way to mark the first one hundred years of promoting retreats. Please spread the word that this support is available, and if you feel able to make a contribution to extend the legacy, we would be delighted to hear from you. If paying by cheque, please write the payee as Association for Promoting Retreats Bursary Fund. Alternatively, you may make donations securely through this site using the ‘Donate’ transaction button opposite.