There are a wealth of online ‘Spirituality-type’ courses available; these are a few. For courses more explicitly exploring the drafting and living of a Rule of Life, please click here. Courses that have been specifically developed for Lent or Advent can be found by following this link.


Soul Spark

A short 6-session course in prayer and spiritual growth, developed by Nick Helm and published by Grove booklets – but also available online here. Includes sessions on ‘Approaching Spirituality’; ‘Getting to know God better’; ‘Who am I?’; ‘Who is God to me?’; ‘Called to become…’; and ‘Where am I going?’. There are also links from the page to related resources for running the course, as well as online support.

Sharing God’s Life

‘Sharing God’s Life’ is a 5-week course exploring the living out of our shared Christian life; it also includes teaching on how to develop your own Rule of Life. Originally designed as a Lent course, it’s suitable for any time of year. The course was developed by the Diocese of Winchester, is fully downloadable here, and has comprehensive resources for both leaders and participants.

Developing in Prayer and Growing as a Disciple

Follow this link for a variety of colourful and easily accessible Courses for growing in prayer and personal understanding, which can be used either individually or in groups. For example, there’s the 10-session Lifelines course, inviting us to live our lives in Christ more fully, or the 7-session Redemption Songs course, which encourages us to look at the fears that God delivers us from, using the psalms as texts.

SHAPE Course

Developed by the Carlisle Diocese, the SHAPE for God’s Service course aims to enable people to understand the unique SHAPE God has made them, and how he might want to use them. The 6-session course, which might be used (although not exclusively) to explore vocation, includes sections on:
* Spiritual gifts (God’s unique gifts to you)
* Heart’s Desire (what motivates and excites you)
* Abilities (your talents, knowledge and skills)
* Personality (your character, qualities and strengths)
* Experiences (what you have gained from your life experiences)
It comes with a comprehensive set of leader’s notes and participant handouts.

Living in God’s Way

These ‘Way of Life’ Resources form a set of well-thought-out and clearly produced Courses for small groups. Subjects include, for example, ‘Living a Christian Life’, ‘Tackling Tough Questions’, ‘How to Pray’, etc. Most come in 6 sessions, with clear downloadable resources for both leaders and participants.


Lent / Advent Courses

Of course, any course can be followed in these traditional ‘study’ seasons – but (for a small cost) you can’t go far wrong with one of the bespoke York courses, either a 6-week Lent course, or a shorter 4-week Advent course.