York Courses

Any of the Courses listed in the Spirituality Courses page of this website can, of course, be followed in these traditional ‘study’ seasons – but (for a small cost) you can’t go far wrong with one of the bespoke York courses, either a 6-week Lent course, or a shorter 4-week Advent course.

Other Lent courses we have found that deserve particular attention are:

Lent through Art

Developed by the Diocese of Chichester in 2018, this course brings together six eminent peoples’ experience of prayer, through their favourite painting, picture, or work of art. Each session includes an image of the art being discussed, information from/about each of the contributors, questions to consider when examining each piece of art along with a weekly prayer for each part of the course. It is clearly produced, easily downloadable, and ready to use!

Sharing God’s Life

‘Sharing God’s Life’ is a 5-week course exploring the living out of our shared Christian life; it also includes teaching on how to develop your own Rule of Life. Originally designed as a Lent course, it’s suitable for any time of year. The course was developed by the Diocese of Winchester, is fully downloadable here, and has comprehensive resources for both leaders and participants.

‘The Gift of Empty Hands’

This is a 7-week prayer resource, centred around the nine fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5. Originally intended for use by individuals, this course is also easily adaptable for small groups. Each section includes a short meditation, a prayer, and a suggestion for action. Simply produced and deeply meaningful, this course provides a profound way to really engage with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

‘Redemption Songs’

This course for Lent, from the Diocese of Portsmouth, focuses on the ‘fears that God delivers us from, and the love and acceptance that is shown by Jesus dying for our sakes’. Each week offers a verse from the Psalms that participants are invited to carry around with them in their daily life; there is also a suggestion to ponder and something to do, making it as much a practical as a spiritual reflection. Beautifully produced, and ready-to-go, this course is a useful addition to any Lent library.

Tool-Kit for Prayer

Developed by the Diocese of Portsmouth, this Tool-Kit is designed to provide a range of skills for engaging with prayer. It can be worked through individually, or can be easily turned into a short (Lent?) course for a small group. Starting with practical aspects of prayer (such as where and when to pray), it goes on to introduce a range of different ways of praying in a simple and accessible way. Clearly and colourfully produced, this makes an excellent introduction to the importance of variety and rhythm in our daily prayer.