Do you want to commit to some kind of Christian framework for living your life? Or would you like to encourage others to do so? Explore these links for resources to support your own short ‘Rule of Life’ course within your church, parish, or community.

Writing a Rule of Life

Winchester Diocese have put together a wealth of resources to help people think about and write a Rule of Life. There is a comprehensive downloadable leaflet (entitled ‘Sharing God’s Life’), and examples of completed Rules, all of which provide an excellent basis for running your own course.

Forming a Way of Life with adults, youth, or families/groups

Ely Diocese have prepared a detailed and well-thought-out series of downloadable booklets for developing a ‘Way of Life’ for adults, youth or families/groups. Each 6-session course comes in two approaches: ‘Explore’ (the more visual and interactive approach), or ‘Reflect’ (a study more appropriate for those people who engage better with words/discussion) – and both are full of interesting and practical ideas. There are links from this website to a number of useful other resources to newcomers to the Christian life.

Living in God’s Way

These Way of Life Resources form a set of well-thought-out courses, on a variety of subjects, primarily for small groups. Of particular note here, is the Way of Life’ Course, a 6 session course, with clearly-produced downloadable colour booklets for both leaders and participants.

Framework for Christian Learning: My Story

My Story is a 6-session course, developed by the Hereford Diocese, designed to help deepen awareness of the way God relates to us in our life journey and experiences, through prayer and group discussion.