For many people, this period of enforced self-isolation might be the perfect opportunity to commit to a more regular daily rhythm of prayer, worship and reflection. A number of resources are listed (or linked) below. There is no one-size-fits-all, so please do let me know if you know of something that is not listed, but you feel would be useful to publicise to a wider audience.

A retreat at home might start by a renewed observance of the traditional Benedictine hours, with their balance of prayer, study and manual work. We have already produced some thoughts about how this might work in the 21st century – click on the appropriate title to download these essays:

The Benedictine Lifestyle for the 21st century

Praying the Hours in 21st century life

You might like to start using the Examen, the Ignatian method of reflecting on life’s experiences at the end of each day.

These short films, entitled ‘Finding stability in times of change’, might help to provide some structure if you choose to make your own ‘Quiet Day’ at home.

Some Retreat Houses, and retreat leaders are using this period of isolation to encourage people to join them on a ‘Retreat in Daily Life’, offering opportunities for prayer and online spiritual accompaniment for a period of a week. We hope these resources will expand in days to come, but you might like to start with an online version from Creighton University.

And do keep checking the Retreat Association website for more resources.